🔫All the levels of Peper

Introduction to all levels of Peper

Get ready to meet the raddest Pepers in the universe! We've got three epic types of Peper, each with its own unique flavor and five sizzlin' levels.

  1. feelsbadMan: This glum Peper has had enough of life's monotony. Joining the club is his ticket to escape the daily grind and get lost in the good vibes. When FeelsBadMan chills at the club, he finds the solace he craves.

  2. feelsgoodMan: The crypto degen trader who's got it all – a picture-perfect family, a swanky crib, and slick rides. But the club is where he can truly be himself, letting loose and living it up with his fellow Peper pals. You'll find FeelsGoodMan reveling in every chill moment at the club, where he can be his true degen self.

  3. peperanos: Ribbit! From a simple pond frog to a Hollywood star, our buddy peperanos hopped into fame when a movie director found him. Nailing cool roles like ThanosPepe, the world ruler with a fancy glove, he became Tinseltown's top hopper! Now, he's living proof that even pond pals can make big waves in the glitzy world of showbiz.

Each of these Pepers comes with five out-of-this-world levels, ready for you to unlock and enjoy. So, pick your Peper, dive into the club, and embrace the degen life. Let's get this party started!

The total Supply of Peper NFT is 5000.

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