Deflationary Supply Incentives

All about Deflationary Supply Incentives

24.1% of the token supply will be allocated to Deflationary Supply Incentives, which will never add to the circulating supply.

Deflationary Supply Incentives are held at

Scheduled rewards for one Peper in the Club:

In Club Streak$PEPER rewardsNote

1 month


claimable after 1 month

3 months


claimable after 3 months

6 months


claimable after 6 months

9 months


claimable after 9 months

1 year


claimable after 1 year

1+ year


Each Peper putting into a club will be able to accumulate $PEPER tokens as above schedule.

After a period of time in the club, having fun. Your Peper will be able to claim and feed a certain amount of $PEPER tokens.

Learn How to put Peper into the club and How to level up your Peper.

Important notes:

$PEPER tokens rewards can only use for level-up Peper, not for selling. No inflation. $PEPER tokens used for feeding and leveling up will be burned. $PEPER is a deflationary token.

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